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Community Planning

The following documents are the guiding reports for the community of Haines Junction.

If you have any questions pertaining to these planning documents, please contact the Village Office at admin@hainesjunction.caor call 867 634-7100.

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Haines Junction Official Community Plan 2013

Haines Junction Integrated Community Sustainability Plan 2007

Haines Junction Economic Development Report 2007

Haines Junction Infrastructure prioritization 2010

Village of Haines Junction Streetscape, Trail & Signage Strategy 2006

Village of Haines Junction Zoning Bylaw 1996

Recreation Planning:

In 2013, the Haines Junction Mayor and Council increased the focus on recreation planning within the community. As part of the overall recreation planning process, the following documents were developed and a consulting team was hired to develop a 10 year Recreation Plan for the community.

Council Recreation Planning January 29, 2014

VHJ Recreation Survey Report Dec. 2013

As Was Said YG Report March 2013

The following documents outline the Community Recreation Plan for Haines Junction 2015-2024 as well as an Implementation Plan for the same period.  Council adopted the Plans on January 28, 2015, and staff are in the process of planning for or are already in the process of implementing the Plan as outlined.   

Haines Junction Community Recreation Plan: 2015-2024 (1.50 MB)

Haines Junction Community Recreation Plan: 2015-2024 Implementation Plan (599 KB)

Trails Planning:

Thriving trails, thriving community

Haines Junction Trails Map and Implementation Plan

In 2017/18, the Village is facilitating a community conversation and planning exercise around local trails – how people use them, which ones are most important, and how to maximize the benefits they bring to everyone.  

The final outcome of the project will be the creation of a conceptual plan for a community trail network within the municipal boundaries and an implementation plan outlining costs, partnerships, and timing. The project will wrap up spring 2018.

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