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Parks and Playgrounds

Image Courtesy of Brent LiddleThe Village of Haines Junction has a number of areas for residents and visitors to sit back and enjoy the scenery.

At the main intersection, the Junction Overlook provides benches and a perfect view of the St. Elias Mountains. An onsite interpretive panel gives names and elevations of each peak. Across the highway, the Village Square is a great spot for a picnic lunch. The St. Elias Convention Centre also has several picnic tables outside, all with the same inspiring view.

For families with young children, the Lion's Playground is located between the St. Elias Convention Centre and the Shakwak Valley Pool. The St. Elias Community School and the Pine Lake Day Use Area also have playgrounds. In winter, the play area of choice is Tomlin Hill. Located at Logan and Kennedy Streets, this hill provides great sliding for all ages!

An outdoor basketball court is adjacent to the Shakwak Valley Community Pool, which also has a small cement skateboard ramp. The paved multi use trail along the Alaska Highway and Haines Road are wonderful for walking and cycling and provide a good surface for skateboarders. The St. Elias Community School has a playing field used for baseball and soccer.

The Dezadeash River Day Use Area, on the west side of the Haines Road just north of the bridge, provides a large area to exercise pets or take a stroll or ski along the Dezadeash River Trail. Outhouses and a picnic table are located at the site.