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The TREDMill is the Village of Haines Junction's monthly update on tourism, recreation and economic development. The TREDMill is published as an insert into the St. Elias Echo.

The St. Elias Echo

The St. Elias Echo is Haines Junction's monthly newspaper that has been published for the past 46 years by community volunteers Elayne Hurlburt, Sharyn Riedl and Charlotte Clark.  

Paper copies are available at for purchase for $0.50 at the following locations:

  • CIBC
  • Top Spot
  • Library
  • Fas Gas
  • Village Office

Over the past four+ decades, this newsletter has shared information about events and happenings in our community. Today, the Echo's principal purpose is to share information with members of our community who do not have access to the internet.  

The publishers of the Echo are making available, on a trial basis, a digital copy of the St. Elias Echo on the Village of Haines Junction Website.  The intention of this one-time trial of a free, online, version of the Echo is to see how making the newsletter available to a wider audience is received by the community.  

Please enjoy your free issue of the April 2024 St. Elias Echo and let us know what you think. We'd appreciate your feedback. Contact Aynslie at or 634-7100 x 105 to share your thoughts.

A very special thank you to publishers Elayne, Sharyn and Charlotte for their long-standing dedication to information sharing within our community.

Click here to view the April 2024 St Elias Echo