Returning Officer

Position Title
Returning Officer
Dave Fairbank, CAO
$40.00/hr, approx. 40hrs total
Term of Office:
September 9, 2024 – October 25, 2024 (approx.)
Posting Closure
July 31, 2024 @ 5:00 p.m.


Guided broadly by Part 3 – Elections of the Municipal Act, Yukon 2002 and supported by the Chief Administrative Officer – VHJ and the Ministry of Community Services – Yukon Government, the Returning Officer (RO) plays an instrumental role in stewarding the election process in the municipality. The Returning Officer is an exciting role fit for an individual who is attentive to details, has experience working in a confidential manner with tact and diplomacy, and a person who enjoys organizing events. The Returning Officer’s role is not just exciting, it is also very important as this role will be responsible for smoothly coordinating the elections of the Village’s Mayor and Council. 


The Returning Officer (RO) is the highest governing figure in the administration of the Municipal Elections in the Village of Haines Junction. The incumbent will be responsible for the following key activities: 

  • Plan and organize the delivery of access to voting
  • Manage, supervise, or otherwise oversee the Poll Clerk in the dispensation of their duties
  • Administer and ensure general compliance of Part 3 – Elections of the Municipal Act, Yukon 2002
  • Communicate information to the public, candidates, and the municipal administration; and
  • Contribute to the continued improvement of the election administration process.


Plan and prepare for an election by carrying out pre-event tasks that include but are not limited to

  1. Lead the recruitment and appointment process of a Poll Clerk(s)
  2. Lead the onboarding and training of the Poll Clerk(s)
  3. Coordinate polling station setup and breakdown
  4. Review and become familiarized with existing municipal maps and address information of electors as well as the enumeration list, should one exist; 
  5. Ensure that an outreach action plan is created and implemented to communicate with the public.

Plan and organize delivery of access to electors: 

  1. Coordinate the publishing of statutory and other public notices.
  2. Develop and implement security measures to protect the confidence in the administration of the election process.
  3. Coordinate, validate, and report on the results of the vote
  4. Manage the judicial recount process, if directed/ordered; and
  5. Coordinate the return of election documents, reports, and other materials supplied by the Municipality.

Communication with the public:

  1. Ensure adequate systems are in place to accept public inquiries and to be able to respond accurately and timely
  2. Respond to general inquiries pertaining to the process; and
  3. Help coordinate media responses through the municipality's Chief Administrative Officer.


  1. Supervise/oversee the Poll Clerk(s) in the dispensation of their duties
  2. Establish the place for making nominations
  3. Establish place(s) that are reasonably accessible to all electors
  4. Coordinate special ballot voting
  5. Conduct legislative review of election procedures and processes and ensure compliance
  6. Liaise with municipal staff and other community partners; and
  7. Other duties as authorized by the Municipal Act, Yukon2002 or any municipal bylaw of the Village.


  • All candidates must be a resident within the Village of Haines Junction for the term of the employment


  • Experience managing events.
  • Experience serving in a role of Returning Officer or similar capacity.
  • Have in-depth knowledge of, or previous experience with, elections

Application Submission Details: 

  • All applications must be received no later than 5:00 p.m. on July 31, 2024.
  • All applications must be submitted to Dave Fairbank, CAO:
    1. In person: Village Office, St. Elias Convention Centre, 178 Backe Street
    2. By mail: Village of Haines Junction, Box 5339, Haines Junction YT  Y0B 1L0
    3. By email: